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  • Design Institute of Technical university of Koszalin owes its existence to prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Karpinski. His ideas of enhancing life standarts according to social and economical permises were expanded by the next institute director, dr Monika Zawierowska-Łozinska.
  • We spent last years on developing our teachings programmes, buliding good team of teachers, presentation of design works on exibitions, first attempts of publishing in scientific publishing houses and cooperation with foreign universities.
  • From 1996 our Institute is constantly developing. Faculty of design, being a part of Production Engeneering Cathedral of TU, was tranformed into Institute of design, becoming an independent part of University.
  • In 1996 we had 36 students. Now the number of students is about 500, both on stationary and extramural studies. We have 27 full time lecturees, including six professors, six doctors and 8 doctors of arts.
  • Right now, we're running studies of 1th and 2th degree on faculties: design and interial architecture. We have numerous working groups of:
    • product design,
    • visual communication design,
    • furniture design,
    • dress and costume design,
    • jewellery design,
    • means of transport design.
    Our studies programmes are being constantly adjusted to the development of the labour market.
  • Design institute is the first this kind of institute in Poland which was created not on art academy, but technical university.
  • We are given good opinion by European universities, what can be judged by the number of foreign students in our Institute - in 2007/2008 we had the biggest number of Erasmus/Sokrates students amoung the whole Koszalin Technical University. The same, amoung TU students who studied abroad, the number of our students was the highest.

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